FREE 2-Liter Bottle of A&W Root Beer (Printable or Mailed Coupon)

Click the “Visit This Offer” button below, then fill out and submit the request form and take the pledge to go technology-free for one hour every Friday night this summer and connect with your family, and get a FREE 2-liter bottle of A&W Root Beer of any flavor A&W (Reg. or Diet).

Select “Coupon By Mail” if you would like to receive your coupon by mail instead of digitally through your printer.


Greg -

How do you accept terms and condition…. No button to tick

Ali -

Yay! It worked this time! 💙

Whatever -

Doesn’t work it takes you back to home page

Kim -

Web page not working taking u back to start

Anonymous -

This atuff is a waste of time everytime i clicked on it it takes me back to the beginning

Heather -

The coupon isnt just for diet you can get regular as well. If the link isnt working for you then go to google and search free a&w and the site should be right there

Kikiw89 -

Ewww Why diet?


Google free diet A&W it came up for me you have to do the pledge then fill out the form

Lynette -

It doesn’t work 🙁

Laura -

Mine does the same would love to get this

Angel -

Visit the offer button takes you back to the main page

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