FREE Bag of VC Dry Goods Beef Jerky (21+)


To get a FREE Bag of VC Dry Goods Beef Jerky, click the button below to log in or register for Copenhagen. and click here, then locate the Beef Jerky promotion and click the “Go Now” button to claim yours.

Available to the first 10,000 eligible smokers 21 years of age or older, while supplies last. Limit one gift per person. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.



Anonymous -

They are out of stock stupid dont put things like this on here unless you checked it out yourself whoever you are uh………

    Nirvana -

    Maybe it was working when they posted it but you were too slow. I’ve recieved so many free items in the mail thanks to this app and wondeful people searching for links to share. Don’t complain over losing something you never had to start with.

Diane H -

Followed your directions. Still no place to get jerky.
There is NO “Get now” or any other place to get tbe jerky.

Asiaw89 -

This can cause Mouth Cancer?
I am so Good.

Asiaw -

Its not working

Mark R Lyon -

I love beef jerky

CStover -

No link to sample

Kendall -

Did not find the get now button. Signed up for nothing.

Angel White -

Need free samples to try and review.

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