FREE Science-Themed Holiday Sweater


Click the button below, then click “Sign Up” on the post on Facebook and complete the request form to get a FREE Science-Themed Holiday Sweater from Zymo Research.

Available while supplies last.

Note: If you are having trouble submitting the form, change the country to Canada and click submit, then change it back to the United States and complete your request.

(Thanks, Jennifer 🙂)

Please have a read:

* To get a freebie, read the instructions, and click the button that says “Visit This Offer" OR click on the blue hyperlink, if available. You’ll be taken to the company’s website, offering the freebie, where you have to fill out and submit a request form (most often), take a short survey…etc.

* Some freebies may arrive in a week, while others may take months. On average, most freebies will arrive in your mailbox within 4-6 weeks.

* We "FREE Samples Finder" comb the web daily looking for the latest and the best freebies (mostly for the United States) given away by legitimate companies. We do not send out any freebies. We are a directory for freebies available on the internet. We are not associated with the companies offering these freebies, and It is at their sole discretion to fulfill any and all requests.


Ash -

Says I don’t permission to view the post or that it’s unavailable now. Too bad, wad excited. 🙁 Guess it’s over now.

Jennifer loving SF -

Sample of Perfect Amino> 2 meals FB

Heather -

Yes it works

Wendy -

I’m with Jennifer, you don’t have to be on here, it’s not hard to do. Also you don’t have to leave your RUDE comments, we don’t suck. I have gotten my samples I applied for on this site!!! So all I can say is BYE FELICIA 😄

Dee -

You put in your ZIP code autumn. But make sure you change it from US, to Canada, back. Otherwise it doesn’t work. In dude I don’t know why we all suck cuz this works

    Jennifer loving SF -

    Thanku Dee,😀👍im glad you said that. No one has to do this app. If you don’t like it stay off it and delete it, more samples for the rest of us… S—- happens.

    Jennifer Loving SF -

    You go girl, great job😉

Autumn -

What do i put for the enter your answer spot next to the spot where you select your country?

    Jennifer -

    Autumn, I ll help you, you gota shift USA to Canada, it does work. Any thing on FB ya gota play w/it…. K 😊👍

Leah -

Ok well u need an answer??? Was hayever uou all suck

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