FREE Science-Themed Holiday Sweater

Click the button below, then click “Sign Up” on the post on Facebook and complete the request form to get a FREE Science-Themed Holiday Sweater from Zymo Research.

Available while supplies last.

Note: If you are having trouble submitting the form, change the country to Canada and click submit, then change it back to the United States and complete your request.

(Thanks, Jennifer 🙂)


Ash -

Says I don’t permission to view the post or that it’s unavailable now. Too bad, wad excited. 🙁 Guess it’s over now.

Jennifer loving SF -

Sample of Perfect Amino> 2 meals FB

Heather -

Yes it works

Wendy -

I’m with Jennifer, you don’t have to be on here, it’s not hard to do. Also you don’t have to leave your RUDE comments, we don’t suck. I have gotten my samples I applied for on this site!!! So all I can say is BYE FELICIA 😄

Dee -

You put in your ZIP code autumn. But make sure you change it from US, to Canada, back. Otherwise it doesn’t work. In dude I don’t know why we all suck cuz this works

    Jennifer loving SF -

    Thanku Dee,😀👍im glad you said that. No one has to do this app. If you don’t like it stay off it and delete it, more samples for the rest of us… S—- happens.

    Jennifer Loving SF -

    You go girl, great job😉

Autumn -

What do i put for the enter your answer spot next to the spot where you select your country?

    Jennifer -

    Autumn, I ll help you, you gota shift USA to Canada, it does work. Any thing on FB ya gota play w/it…. K 😊👍

Leah -

Ok well u need an answer??? Was hayever uou all suck

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