FREE TeaSquares Tea Infused Energy Snack


Click the button below, then click “Try For Free” and fill out the checkout form to order a FREE TeaSquares Tea Infused Energy Snack with FREE shipping.

No payment information required.

Note: The website is having technical difficulties due to a lot of visitors, keep refreshing until it works.


Diane Hankins -

4.00 shipping. Can’t change to free shipping. No option.

David -

At the top of this page it says FREE SHIPPING, NO PAYMENT INFO REQUIRED, but once you click on the Link it says 4 DOLLARS SHIPPING AND ASKS FOR CREDIT CARD INFO.

Alisha -

It did work, even with server error. Had to refresh. Just be patient once you hit the button! 😁

Jennifer -

It is sluggish but I did process it, it take 2-3 min but works, try again 👍

Alisha stahl -

Server error.. cannot connect to site to recieve free sample.

Rebecca -

Isnt working days error

Angie McCall -

Link doesn’t work

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