3 FREE Natural Heads Hair Care Samples

Click the button, then fill out and submit the request form to get 3 FREE samples of Natural Heads Hair Care products. Choose from: Moisture Shampoo, Revitalizing Conditioner, Restorative Deep Treatment, Nourishing Detangler, or Healing Serum.


Teresa -

Like to try

Lia -

I just want to try it💓

Kim -

We all need to keep coming back to leave comments to let others know if you actually do ever receive the samples. I’m going to go do that to the past requests and comment on whether I actually got anything or not. It seems like there are so many “free sample offers” that don’t actually send anything, just take your info. So, I give them an email I use only for junk mail and get weary about giving out my info like legal name, telephone number, address etc because they could just be gathering info like that to sell to advertising companies. Just be weary and safe with your info!!

    Noneya -

    I have gotten a BUUUUUUUNNNCCCHHHHHHHH of samples Kim!!! Lots of the Olay, Loreal, EmergEnC, suff like that. I also got the NeilMed Sinus Rinse bottle, salonPas, pet food, coupons, shampoo/conditioner samples, Tea samples, LOTS of stuff!!!

    Admin here is AWESOME at providing links for samples!! We just have to do the work to get them-not just be lazy and type “im poor and want a sample cuz i have no job” like so many do on here!!😠 But for the most part, the majorty of them seem legit. I just “unsubscribe” when istart getting too much junk from them is all!😇 no harm-no foul lol😁

Miranda Kelley -

Please would love to try

Michael Hamilton -

Ready to try this.

Lazariah lofton -

I really hope that I get it

Lisa -

Hopefully i get it my hair needs it

Cindy Shaw -

Really looking forward to seeing if

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