3 FREE Arganza Professional Haircare Samples (UPDATE 12/17!)


Update: Click here to confirm the delivery of your samples.

Click the button below, then fill out and submit the request form to get FREE samples of Arganza Professional Argan Oil & Keratin Shampoo, Hair Serum and Hair Mask plus $10 gift voucher.

This offer is now expired!


Ines -

I hate when something says it’s a free sample and then charges you for shipping. I can get a sample for $0.99 at the local drugstore. Not free here

Clarice -

I always get the samples..thank you very much..without the samples they send i wouldnt buy the item unless i tried a sample..and 75% of the time i buy the product after i used the sample.

Teresa salang -

Would love to try

Ash -

Never got a thing the last time this came around lol. Hopefully they will send their samples this time.

Nicole -

Free samples plz

Ruth -

Never got it from the last time

Jennifer -

I never got it from the last time🙁

Chris -

Love it thank you

Nicole Mowery -

I want a free sample, please

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