FREE Aromatica Hair Care or Skin & Body Care Samples

To get a FREE sample set of Aromatica Hair Care OR Skin and Body Care, click the “Visit This Offer” button below, then fill out the sign-up form and be sure to select which samples you’d like under “Additional Information”. Choose from: #1 Hair Care (Set of Shampoo & Conditioner) with Rosemary Hair Set / B5+Biotin Hair Set and Tea Tree Hair Set OR #2 Skin & Body Care with LIVELY Body Set / Aloe Vera Gel + Cream, Rose Absolute First Serum + Calendula Juicy Cream.



Michelle Staley -

Stuff is asome foreveryone in the house they say love it keep the stuff coming but this is my first time so tell me the ropes plese ok and i’m not a fool i know when someone is playing with me so watch it i’m watching you got I HOPE SO😠😠👿👿👿😡


For ID section type in username lowercase then press availbility then it will have a red check ..👍

Gwendolyn -

Will not take username for id.

nakia chante jones -

You need id number it not there

Shy -

Worked fine for me. Make sure you type in your username in all lowercase letters. And for some reason, you have to put something in the second address line. I just put my street number again.


Not working at all


Just a heads up, the site would not accept any username even it is in the requested format and available lol. Tried like 10 and gave up. Couldn’t submit the form due to this. At least for me this was the case 🤷🏻

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