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Lol -

Who cares if it did get you high. Everybody gets high in their own way. Drugs, alcohol, the need to comment on stupid fucking sites to try to show their superiority. We all get high in some way. You dumb fucks

Tara -

OMG people really need to learn what stuff is before they start making comments and being doctors and thinking that they could get high off CBD there is no THC in it stop being ignorant and do your homework and look things up

Anne S -

Thank you Justin for clearing it up for people who don’t know or won’t look it up.

Justin -

This will not get you high at all. Saying anybody is using this to get high is a laugh. There is 0 THC in this product which is the chemical that gets you high. So Monica you are way beyond wrong, your PTA information is laughable.

Monica -

Not awesome if yall know What it is. I know What it is.

Bridget eversole -

Want it

Betty Phillips -

Can’t wait to try them 😁 hopefully they work🤗🤗🤗🤗

Amy Hackett -

Cant wait

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