FREE Gucci Bloom Fragrance Sample

Click the button below, then click “Sign Up” on the post on Facebook and complete the request form to get a FREE sample of Gucci Bloom Fragrance.

Note: If you are having trouble submitting the form, change the zip code country to Canada and click submit, then change it back to the United States.


Miami -

Can i have it pls

Shah -

How do u get this?

Lorena -

Quisiera probar este producto

Melissa Cendoya chiu -

I want it please

Brittanyeroen -

I never had something like this so i would love to try it

Ce -

Would like to try it .

Amber -

I want it for my cousin in the hospital

Gabriela -

I want this so bad please this is my first triyng this app wanna see if it works

YvetteUriarte -

Sign up

Carly -

I wanna try

Joseph -

Need this please lol.

Sharronda coleman -

I need this

Shyanne -

I really want this!!!

aaliyah -

I need this

Yairol Feliz -

God bless you

heidyquezada -


Heidyquezada -

James 10% off

Alisha -

I dont have an option to click on anything to get this..

sandasia -

That I want it so bad

BrandyHall -


CrockerTzz -

First time

Norma Merritt -

I want

Michelle Martin -

I’m hopping a will receive a Gucci perfume .

Yvonne Coleman -

I hope I’m not waisting my time.

Amber -

I did the Canada back to US thing and it worked signed up for free sample thanks!!!

Morgan danielle -

It won’t let me add an answer next to the United States question. If I can get some instructions that would be nice.

Lupe -

It worked and now im waiting to het it in the mail 😁😁😁

Mandy -

For some reason when i try to sign up on facebook its saying my mailing address is wrong. I know its not!

Li -

There link for the correct anwser… Its imposiable to “sign up”…… For…..?

Jessie -

Thank you😊

Ash -

This is no link here..?

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