FREE Maybelline Hydrating Oil-In Lipstick


To get a FREE Maybelline Hydrating Oil-In Lipstick, click the button below, and look where it says “Sample our NEW hydrating oil-in lipstik FREE§ Pick from 5 brilliant Shades”, then click the “Sign Up” button in the Facebook post, and complete the request form.


Becky -

No where does it say break the glass.

Michelle -

There is nothing on their facebook page that says “break the glass”. What country is this ad of theirs showing on. It says it only shows you their current running ads for your country and it doesnt show for me, I’m in the US.

Tracie -

I cant find break the glass damn am i stupid

Rachael Lepper -

Request samples

Ashley -

I have no facebook account so the last few offers ive missed out on didmt kniw if there is any other way to get the samples?

Tammy petleski -

Im getting upset im not likeing this new app

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