FREE Prada Tropicandy Summer Fragrance Sample

To get a FREE sample of Prada Tropicandy Summer Fragrance, click the button below, and scroll down to where it says “Prada Tropicandy, a summer escape”, then click the “Sign Up” button in the Facebook post, and complete the request form.


Tammy petleski -

Wont let me sumit

Nicole -

They found a way to fuck u over. Apperently it aint valid

    Scarlet -

    Nope, it’s certainly valid. Worked fine for me. You’re the one doing something wrong, no need to be crass and rude to someone who’s not responsible for all this apparent anger inside of you. Grow up.

Christina -

It’s doing the same thing to me.

Melissa Cresta -

Where it says enter your answer, I assumed it’s for the zip code but I entered my zip code and it keeps saying please enter valid information.

Chris -

What does it mean when it says enter your answer it won’t let me submit.

    admin -

    Because of the zip code, change the country and click submit (it won’t go through), then change it back to United States.

Kathiana raimarais -


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