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Click the button below and log in to your Sampler account or register if you’re new, then answer a few questions (verify your phone number if you are registering an account) and see if you match with samples like Enjoy Life Dark Raspberry Protein Bites, Enjoy Life Maple Fig Breakfast Ovals, Age Defying & Skin Clearing Serum, Simply Gum – Cleanse Flavor, Schär Gluten Free Deli Style Bread, AnoxioCalm or other products.

Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Leave a comment below and let us know how many samples you get!


Keyana -

Oh oops wrong sample nvm gotta talking about vdl

Keyana -

I got an email about 3 days ago after signing up about 3 & 1/2 weeks ago about my sample coming within a buisness week so im excited thanks !

Mandy -

Apparently they do not do samples in my area! Dumb maybe they should tell where your “supposed” to live.

Kim -

Trust me, they’ll never have samples for you and they just take all your information and sell it… If you create an account with them you’d better make sure to cancel that account when you see that you don’t actually get anything, trust me.

    Jennifer -

    Hey Kim I just got 4. And BTW they do a lot of samples so you don’t get every time..

    Chris Holder -


    I signed up last month and got 5 sampled my first try. I did not get any this go around – keep thebgaith and answer the questions honestly.

    Amy -

    That’s incorrect I get my samples as promised. Perhaps your used to the ones that do such a thing but this app actually works if you follow the instructions they provide or if there is a limit and it’s reached. I’ve gotten all the ones I completed so I speak from experience.

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