Possible FREE Samples From Sampler + Generation Active Swag

Click the “Visit This Offer” button below and log in to your Sampler account or register if you’re new (verify your phone number if you are registering an account). Then, answer a few questions and see if you are offered any samples.

Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Leave a comment below and let us know how many samples you get!


Sarah -

I got 3.I can’t remember exact names but some kind of cbd powder,a peanut butter type bar and brain drink??I know. I sound crazy. I’m sorry but I honestly forgot by the time I got back to this site. But I wanted to just let people know I did get stuff so maybe they can also. Sampler is fairly decent about getting me samples. I’ve gotten samples from them at least twice in the last 4 months so that’s not bad. Thank you for the heads up to check in. Your my favorite sample site period!

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