FREE Sample Box Every Month

PINCHme is a FREE sample program that mails you, each month, a box full of customized product samples chosen just for you to try out in exchange for your feedback.

On Sample Tuesday (generally every second Tuesday of the month) at 12:00 pm ET, PINCHme releases NEW samples to claim for FREE! Quantities are very limited, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so you will need to act fast!

Here’s how to get a sample box for free:

  1. Sign up for PINCHme.
  2. Complete your member profile (including bonus questions).
  3. Samples are targeted to members based on their profile information and the targeting criteria set by PINCHme‘s brand partners.
  4. Log in on Sample Tuesday at 12:00 pm ET each month (check the PINCHme site for the date!).
  5. Add FREE samples to your cart if you’re eligible and checkout with FREE shipping.
  6. Try your FREE samples and leave feedback in your account!

Please have a read:

* To get a freebie, read the instructions above, and click the button that says “Visit This Offer", OR/AND click on the blue hyperlink, if available. You’ll be then taken to the company’s website, offering the freebie, where you have to fill out and submit a request form (most often), take a short survey…etc.

* Some freebies may arrive in less than a week, while others may take months. On average, most freebies will arrive in your mailbox within 4-6 weeks.

* We "FREE Samples Finder" comb the web daily looking for the latest and the best freebies (mostly for the United States) given away by legitimate companies. We do not send out any freebies. We are a directory for freebies available on the internet. We are not associated with the companies offering these freebies, and It is at their sole discretion to fulfill any and all requests.


Penny -

I wasted my time and ain’t never got a thing from these people .Its a waste of time

Ali -

I hope i get the box

Tybria -

I love this app

Hazel toler -

I want my free samples and my box tia

Donald -

It’s been 2 months and no box all I have is a bunch of spam in my inbox and my Alexa telling me about “specials and coupons” and she won’t shut up waste of time it’s all a big spam bot crap

Lynn morgan -

Im new to this site but i would love to receive frebeeies love to try new things

Janiyah Washington -

can i get a free sample box please

Angela -

A lot of you people need to learn how to spell. No wonder you aren’t getting any free samples in the mail.

Vildan Hasan -

I llovw dhis produkts

Stella -

How do I start getting free stuff

Amber Klauk -

Please send me a box,i love grying new things

Martha elena -

I wold biutiful

Catherine Wise -

Im in need

Jhonatan -

I would love to try your products to see if they are of good quality thanks.

Kay morgan -

I think this app would be good if you got the stuff its just a wast of time

Ralph -

Plz my family could use this

Swaray sensee Perry -

I love free stuffs

Crystal -

I love free stuff but i just dont know how to get the free sames

Pepa -

I love free stuff

Pnny Kowal -

I love free stuff

Ds -

I want free stuff

Emily -

I want free stuff

Jolade Oshinkanlu -

I would love to try this products and I hope it would be very effective so that i can buy them later on

Jessica -

Ive been a pinchme member for years. 1 tuesday a month is when samples are available and you must keep your profile updated and leave a review on the item you got. I get products every month. It’s only a few simple steps for free items.

Tina Burnett -

I have been a “Pinch Me” participant for a few years. When I first signed up they didn’t that survey stuff that they do now. I use to get a lot more stuff from them than I do now. But I still do get samples from them.

Doreen Caputo -

I want free stuff just wish i didn’t have to jump through so many hoops!

Brandy -

I signed up for this (PinchMe) and filled out a bazillion surveys and did everything i was suppose to for months and NEVER received a sample of any kind, i do however receive samples thru this app by using the purple button and following directions

Elisa -

I would like to try sime

Shannon -

I had pinch me for few months and not once have i gotten always says sorry we will send u a idk if its real or not.Unless im doing something wrong ! Idk!!

Abi Paige -

This looks amazing

Zeke -

I love free stuff

Cynthia Terry -

I would love free stuff

Maria y freitas -

I would love free stuff and give great feedback thanks

Stephanie -

Would love to try some of this stuff exspesholy bc we just moved so lost a few stuff but yea love to be apart of this

Arriana butler -

Free!!! I need it

Jessica -

Do you really get stuff for free just wondering.

Adrianna -

I would love to try this free stuff i probably wont win but its worth a try

Melissa -

Please can you send this to me i need it

Juanita -

This would be great for my mom

Yairol feliz -

God bless you

Maranda -

I want to try any sample

Kathy Coopman -

Haven’t had access to any samples for almost a year now and when I look at past samples there is so much there I would of loved to try.

Rhonda shanks -

I would like to try your samples

Shameika -

I would like to try your samples

Sheena mullen -

I would like to get free stuff in mail

Tyner -

I would like free samples

Adeiana perez -

I need free stuff

Aurora -

I really hope this works I’m excited to see!!

Janice steffey -

I t would be nice to get free stuff in the mail

Tonya -

Iwould like free stuff

Paula -

I would love free stuff

Miranda Hicks -

I would like to try free samples

Betty -

Very in need

Tyesha -

I hope this works

Jennifer -

I don’t get it… To the people that says , you never send me anything, I want, I need, I want free stuff, etc etc… SF only makes the stuff available to us by posting it. SF doesn’t mail you stuff any items comes from a direct company it is your job to apply for it and follow up with it to make sure you get it so don’t blame SF this is so pitiful. And you you click on adds that’s on you😊

Jennifer -

Sample Tuesday, yay!!! 😀 For people that say, “you want”,”you need” etc etc. That’s not gona get you stuff and the companies don’t see it. HappySampling 😉

Robertsmith -

I also w0uld like free stuff thank u.

    Jennifer -

    Robert very time you want something you have to click on “visit this offer”. If you don’t you won’t get it, ok☺️

Amanda Harris -

I want this

Marisa Arriaga -

I would love this I need it

Evyelyse -

I need help with this app

    Jennifer -

    Evyelyse, it’s easy, you get the hang of it. Go for the stuff that says “visit this offer” the “adds” are a waste, who wants surveys. Enjoy and have fun☺️

James -

Id love free stuff

Vanessa Perez -

Hi my name is vanessa.and would love to try you free stuff if you have any.?.

My name is James bournes -

I would like to see if you have any free stuff available?

Lord Walter Anderson -


Chris -

Please….you need to click on links to sign up for free stuff. You can not simply say in the comments you want free stuff, like the admin will give it to you. This app is a reference to point you in the direction of said free stuff, with a link. You need to follow that link and add your info there. Not all links are gaurenteed free items, as some offers arent valid or have expired.

Doug -

This look fun

Lexie valenzuela -

Wow my sis mite talk to me now 🤔👊

Emily -

I would love this to test out especially on my youtube channel

Kaitlyn shaul -

I love it

Cynthia vazquez -

Gratis e muy muy bueno

Cynthia Vázquez Ramos -

I love it

Marilyn -

I love free samples

Rosa -

I would love it

Maria -

I love free samples

Maria -

I would like to recibe free stuff.

Samuel -

I would like to recibe free stuff.

Nelly -

I would like free stuff

Tania santacruz mejia -

This is a product very good I love it so much your hair is left with an incredible aroma and shine.

Stacy -

I would like free stuff

Janet waddell -

How do you even get these freebies if there isnt a place to put your name and address to become a member

Samara -

I wpuld love free stuff

Wilfredo Diaz -

Free stuff please

Saydie -

Pls give it to me i have no money BROKE

Matthew Mosley -

I want free stuff please

Terri hertel -

I have heard good things about pinchme please send me a free sample of good stuff

Kimberly -

I would love to have free stuff

Susie cameron -

I want free samples

Maria Nunez -


Christie -

I would love to have a box of that stuff

Ashley puiia -

I would love free stuff

Jennifer -

To anyone, Nothing is wrong with this app, you got know how to work it. I got this mastered. Half the business say we really not doing samples. When you talk nice even those companies will give samples, you follow through with a pleasant email, they will give you anything. Be professional and polite. I always have stuff in my mailbox. 💝SF.

Diana Hasty -

Like to try it

Diana hasty -

Love to try it

Tyisha Gibson -

I would appreciate these samples

Itzayeli -

I would love to get it

Melisa -

I would totally love this💞

Shelby -

I love to have free stuff send now

Melody -

I love to have free stuff

Gracie Lu -

I love Freeeeeeee Stuff

Samantha -

I enjoy this amazing FREE stuff. Me and my family Will appreciated it. Plzz i Will love to have it!!!?

Joana -

I would love to try free stuff for my youtube channel that i started a few weeks ago

Diana -

Send Me A Box

Anyla quow -

Please send me a box

    admin -

    You have to request it. Read the instructions above on how to do so. Please keep in mind that we do not send out any free samples. We only post links to the free samples we find on the internet. We are not associated with the companies offering these samples.

      Robert smith -

      I need a battery lithium battery for bustle I am fully disabled cannot afford battery for my electric bike bought wheel hub but battery expensive need a lithium 2 amp 1000 what’s please help if possible thank u

Carey Adams -


Malaysia -


Annette perez -

This is great

Sugar Hales -

Great offer more products for me to review on my social media accounts!

Maritsa -

I want free stuff

Rakayla -

This was would be a great thing to try


Rakayla -

This looks like it would be a good thing to try..

Maritza -

I want free stuff

Alejandra -

I really want free makeup!!

Ally -

I want free stuff!

Samantha webb -

I would love free stuff

Mary -

Love beauty products! Muchas gracias 🙂

Nyoka -

I would

Diamond -

I would like to have free stuff

Antonio -

I would love free stuff

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